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Campagnolo The Big Corkscrew - Titanium Edition

Campagnolo The Big Corkscrew - Titanium Edition

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Uncorking a bottle of wine can be a simple gesture, or a convivial ritual if the tool used for the task is the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew.

Its history, shape, size and functionality have made it a point of reference for those who appreciate wine, art and design.
The new titanium finish of the corkscrew renders this already-cult object entirely unique, both to own and to give as a gift.

Beauty and quality must be accompanied by maximum functionality, in line with true Campagnolo tradition. Indeed, to prevent incorrect extraction of the cork from leaving residue in the wine, the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew is designed so that the screw self-centres on the cork, ensuring optimal extraction every time.

Supplied in gift box

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