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Orontas Plant Based Bicycle Lube - 300g

Orontas Plant Based Bicycle Lube - 300g

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A high-performance, non-toxic, biodegradable plant-based lube from Canada

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Plant-Based Lube features hardcore anti-corrosive and washout resistance that makes it perfect for all outdoor applications where you need to keep equipment and moving parts lubricated and protected. No matter on the trail or on the water you’re going to need a product that’s just going to get it done. 
Plant-Based Lube is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free. It will stop squeaks, displace moisture and the can shoots at all 360 degrees.

        • 300g Aerosol Can
        • 360° Application
        • Made in Canada
        • Non-toxic and biodegradable


        1. Clean application surface area as best possible
        2. Spray as required, but conservatively
        3. Slowly turn moving parts to work oil through, if required

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