Powertube Pro Mini - Ultimate


The PTP Powertube Mini is the perfect piece to start building your very own resistance system and are more suited for confined spaces and single arm/leg exercises.

RESISTANCE:  14.8kg | 32.8lbs

LENGTH:  52cm | 20.4”


The built-in heavy-duty carabiners make it fully interchangeable, allowing you to add or subtract resistance in a matter of seconds.

The PTP PowerTube is fully compatible with the PTP Power Handles and Ankle Straps.

N.B. The Mini Powertubes can’t be doubled under your foot and we recommend buying them in a set of 2.

FEATURES- Top-quality latex tubing, manufactured through a continuous immersion process

  • Innovative anti-snapping I.C.T. (Inner Cord Technology) for unrivalled safety

  • Built-in metal clips to easily add/subtract resistance and alternate between upper and lower body workouts

  • Add the PTP handles, ankle straps to build your very own resistance gym

  • Weight rating on tube to easily keep track of total loading when making tube combinations.
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