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Scope R3c 30mm Ceramicspeed Carbon Fiber Wheelset

Scope R3c 30mm Ceramicspeed Carbon Fiber Wheelset

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The Comfortable Climber, with the benefit of Ceramicspeed Bearings.

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The Scope R3 is a real lightweight. Because of its low weight, the R3 is very accelerative and perfectfor the mountains. Extensive engineering and the use of high-end materials ensure that the R3 isnot only light but also durable. The wide low profle rim of the R3 even provides comfort oncobblestones. Hence, in courses with a lot of corners, mountains or rough roads the R3 provides atrue competitive advantage..


Scope wheels are built as a system, as a result the geometry of the hubs are optimized to creates a very high stiffness while keeping an equal spoke tension. The extra wide range distance results in combination with wide full carbon rim make the Scope wheels laterally very stiff. So no more brake rub when pushing your pedals, instead all your energy is converted to speed.


Fast wheels mean that you also have to brake hard. For the rim brake series Scope has developeda special braking surface compound and brake pads that are tuned to fit this brake track. Even inrainy conditions you will feel confident in the longest and steepest descents. The unique resinused by Scope in the carbon rims can handle an industry leading high temperature of 260°C.


Computational Fluid Dynamics are used iteratively in order to reduce the drag and crosswind in-fluence from all angles, while benchmarking and outperforming other premium brands. The tirebed of the rim is optimized for tubeless tires while being compatible with all clincher tires The internalwidth of the rim is 19 mm, when mounting a 25 mm tire the actual tire diameter willbecome 26 mm thereby perfectly joining the sidewalls of the rim.


CeramicSpeed bearings are harder, smoother and stronger than any other bearings on the market. This is why many Pro Teams and professional athletes choose CeramicSpeed bearings. CeramicSpeed products help you ride faster, using less energy, and have a longevity which is 3 to 5 times greater than other bearings on the marke


  • Tubeless Ready
  • 1440 grams per pair
  • High Stiffness
  • Optimized Aerodynamics
  • 30mm Rim Depth
  • 260 Degree Celsius Braking Surface

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